"invalid code lengths set" on Excel Reader


I’m trying to open an Excel file using the Excel Reader node. This Excel has 7 sheets.
When I try to configure the node it writes “invalid code lengths set” and I cannot do anything. Other files with the same structure can be opened.

I’ve only seen such bug on an old post regarding the Sierra OS, but I use Windows 10. Do you know how I can open this file on Knime?

Thanks in advance

@FVarlet you could try and use R to import the Excel file and see if that does work:

If you would be able to upload an example of a failing Excel file without spelling any secrets we might be able to check waht is going on.


Hello @mlauber71 , thanks a lot for the tip.
Unfortunately the situation is worst than expected: the file is corrupted, which explained why I cannot access the data.
Thanks a lot, the problem is still there but that helps me to discover why

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