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Hello! I am so happy to see Inventory related workflow at KNIME. Is there any way I can study it with more detailed explanation in order to understand each step better? I want to implement it in my work although I might need to customize it.
Thanks in advance for the help you will offer.

Purva Pujari

Hi @PurvaPujari and welcome to the forum.

Maybe the best way to proceed would be to ask some specific questions about the workflow around what you find most interesting or confusing. That way maybe other users here with interest in inventory management might be able to dig in alongside you.

I will also tag @ambrus_vancso in case he has any general insights :slight_smile:

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I too would love a walkthrough of the model but I understand that could amount to a lecture!

I’m not able to get it to run as I keep getting an error with “ERROR R Snippet 0:268:0:269 Execute failed: R Home is invalid.” On the '5th Page: Review Orders" node.

On the node “2ndPage: ABC Analysis” I noticed port 1 output was a table 60 rows x 30 cols but ports 2 and 3 had zero rows. So I decided to step into the node and execute nodes one by one to see if I could spot any issues. Opening the “2ndPage: ABC Analysis” node I executed each node individually along the flow path with each working fine until node 236, row filter. The input is coming from the scatter plot node (240) but it’s output is producing zero rows being sent into the joiner node (235). I don’t understand what it should produce.

Hi @navywings -

Let me take your second issue first. In the 2ndPage: ABC Analysis component, the intention is that you select some points on the scatter plot by drawing a box around them, then clicking “Apply” in the bottom right corner of the dialog. The selected points are then propagated downstream.

For the R Snippet error, can you check to see that your path to R Home is correct? You can do this by opening File --> Preferences -->KNIME --> R. Once you fix this, the last component should execute OK.

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