Inventory Optimization Use Case: Guided Analytics Workflow

WebPortal based business application, allowing review of inventory KPIs, consumption forecast, setting of service level target and recalculating safety stock and orders based on that. KPIs and forecast prepared in a separate, prior workflow.

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Hello! I am so happy to see Inventory related workflow at KNIME. Is there any way I can study it with more detailed explanation in order to understand each step better? I want to implement it in my work although I might need to customize it.
Thanks in advance for the help you will offer.

Purva Pujari

hi me too. im wondering if there is a further explaination regarding the flow.

I believe this is @ambrus_vancso `s workflow originally. I looked to see if there a blog post other type of writeup about this, but didn’t easily find one. Now that I’ve tagged him, maybe he can point you to an appropriate resource?