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I’ve recently made the jump to Knime to develop my workflows. I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be any option to make node connectors invisible. This becomes problematic for complex workflows with multiple nodes as you end up with various overlapping connectors which can be hard to follow. Are there any plans on the road map to add this functionality?



Hi @sjmartin,

We do not have plans to make node connections invisible, as this would make it impossible to see which nodes are connected. We have however implemented a feature that highlights the node connections of the currently selected node (with customizable colors)

it is planned to be released with KNIME AP 4.2.0 this summer, you can try it out in the current nightly build:


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Thanks Gabriel. The way I’ve seen it implemented is that when you select the specific node it shows the connections, but once deselected in the general view of the workflow these are invisible but the affected node connector has an identifier to show this approach is being used. It might be something to think about to help the user experience and declutter the workflow canvas.

The above looks like a great step forward though, looking forward to the next release!

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Hi @sjmartin

Another way to declutter your workflow canvas is to group nodes into a metanode or component. There is a blogpost on this topic: Declutter - four tips for an efficient, fast workflow.

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Hello there!

There is a feature request for this (internal reference: AP-12016) and will give it +1 for you @sjmartin.



Thanks @JanDuo for the link, this is a very useful resource. The use of metanodes is a good way to segregate workflows, the only minor drawback is that the inport labelling can be difficult to tie to specific nodes to understand where data is coming from without additional annotations (as workflows become more complex this can be a challenge).

Thanks also @ipazin for adding my vote for this feature.

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Hi @sjmartin

With components, you can add your own port labeling. Just like with normal nodes. That would help you with keeping data flow documented.


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