IP country location

Hello guys,

Can I ask you to give me some hint which approach should be the best when I have column contains bunch if IP addresses and I would like to enrich this column by additional one called “Country”. This column "Country"should contains IP addresses country of origin. For example: Spain, Italy, China etc.

I do not need map visualization just simple text information. And as a cherry on top of the cake would be when someone have an idea how to enrich these by additional columns contain more detail information about IPs. Like IP is suspicious of malware, some attacks etc.

Thank you very much


There are some workflows on that search that may help.


if someone is interested how to deal with this I can give a hint. I downloaded IP2Location LITE - Free IP Geolocation Database from https://lite.ip2location.com/ip2location-lite

and convert ip to numebr and using binner match ip-number with particular ip number range from geo database.

Easy and free. The geo db is monthly updated.



Hi there @sm0lda,

glad you made it. If you want you can share your workflow examples on KNIME Hub :wink:


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