Is Buckminster still valid to build an update site?


Buckminster seems downs and it was the recommended way to build an update site for knime (

The link refers to but this link is no more valid.

What is the recommended process to build an update site for knime now with eclipse 4.1 for knime 3.7 (under windows 10) ?
Is this link still appropriate?

Any hint welcome.



It was still there a couple of weeks go, and is still listed at, so I would guess it is a temporary issue.


It’s down for one week at least… not so temporary.

Anyway, beside buckminster, another way to build an update site that is recommended by the Knime team?

Is it down or does it just not work in the browser?

You can also use tycho to build.

You can also use the Export Wizard from the plugin editor from within Eclipse, as seen at the bottom of this screen shot:

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@yannic_ariana - If it has been down that long, then maybe worth contacting the maintainers?

@swebb - How easy it is to convert an buckminster setup to tycho? Have you then used this in e.g. Gitlab-CI?


Unfortunately we went with bitbucket rather than gitlab, but I do have my jenkins builds triggered by a webhook from bitbucket.

The conversion itself wasn’t too tricky, if you’re familiar with maven (which I wasn’t in particular) it’s easier. Happy to return the favour and show you how my tycho build works.



Thanks Sam - that would be interesting at some point, certainly. are you in Berlin for the summit?


@Vernalis Unfortunately it timed badly and I’ll be on holiday from the first day of the summit so can’t make it this year.