Is Geopackage Writer Node not case sensitive?


I have an issue with Geopackage Writer node. I have two columns ABC and abc. None of the other nodes complain about these names. Geopackage Writer node however complains, that

failed: duplicate column name: ABC. Failed to write record: <fiona.model.Feature object at 0x00000238BC8DEBB0>
WARN  Variable Loop End    3:303      No variables selected

Am I missing something or should that behavior be different?
GeoFile Writer works fine with the same table.

Example with same issue:

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would @tobias.koetter have any ideas on that? Thanks and appreciate any feedback!

Hello @Awiener ,
sorry for the delayed response. I’m afraid this is not in our hands since this is a restriction of the Geopackage format itself which relies on SQLite for data storage which does not support case sensitive columns. For more details see here.

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Hi @tobias.koetter

thank you very much for your answer. I wasn’t aware of this limitation in SQlite. Looking forward to the Geoparquet Node now more than ever :wink:

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