Is it possible to add a legend to a tag cloud?

I have a workflow that reads two txt-files with the tika parser, transforms them to a document (strings to document) and enriches (stanford tagger,…) + pre-processes the data.

I’ve added a tag filter to only include certain tags (nouns, adjectives,…) and used a “tags to string” and a “color manager” node to assign a different color to each tag.

Finally, I’ve used a “tag cloud” to visualize the words, where the words are colored according to their tag. This works perfectly.

However, now I was wondering whether it is possible to add a legend to the tag cloud, which indicates what color reflects which tag?
–> e.g. blue is noun, red is adjective: legend that shows these colors + tag next to the tag cloud.

I already tried out the “CSS Editor”: unfortunately the tag cloud doesn’t include a legend per default and therefore it does not work to add a legend with this CSS Editor node.

Does someone know whether this is even possible with KNIME?

Thanks for your Help!


Hey Viviane,

as far as I know it is not possible to add a legend directly to the tag cloud unfortunately.
I will check if the underlying framework used to generate the cloud provides the possibility to enable a legend. If it does, I will create a ticket for that so that we can include that option.
I will check for other solutions as well and come back to you.




Dear Julian

Thank you for your efforts!