Is it possible to automatically save each Excel output of a Group Loop to a different existing folder based on the column of the Group Loop Start?

I just learned about Group Loops, which can save a lot of time and space in comparison to having a Row Filter + an Excel Writer per Country/Region.
While the filter + writer create a file independently of having cases or not, from what I noticed, the group loop creates the excel report only if there are cases in that country/region.
However, while I can, with filter + writer, write the Excel report directly in the onedrive folder of that specific country/region, with the group loop I cannot find a way to do this, having to manually move each excel file (written in the common folder) into the folder of the respective country/region. If you multiply this by 150 workflows producing monthly reports, it’s a huge manual task… So I come to ask if anyone knows a way to write the Excel outputs of a group loop based on country, in the folder of that country.

Hello @Sara_Santos
I have an example with CSVs, that does the requested functionality. You can inspect for insights; as it’s a very simple example, then upgrade it to your use case.

The workflow currently splits data into monthly CSV files, and it saves them into different subfolders; where each subfolder corresponds to a year.

I hope it helps.



Hello, @gonhaddock!
I found and checked that workflow before posting the question, but it seemed to create a new subfolder every month (and I didn’t get exactly how in the nodes configuration). I need each country/region’s monthly report to go to an existing folder country/region-specific which has permissions already set for the country/region officer… Are you saying this is possible based on that solution in Challenge 002?
Thank you!

Ok @Sara_Santos
I was just pointing to the concept. The way your SharePoint network is configured, or if you use an Excel writer pointing to local OneDrive, or connected to a Sharepoint Online Connector with MS Authentification. It is something that you have to upgrade at your side.

I don’t think that I can deliver a customize solution for your corporative case.

Is it doable? Yes


Depending on the name of your current group you should be able to use a variable for the correct location (either constructing the exact path within your flow or use a helper table you read the path from
@gonhaddock pointed already in a direction
There should be some other examples on the hub as well

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Thanks, @Daniel_Weikert.
The previous answer was not clear on how to get the desired result (each country file in the respective folder already existing in OneDrive) and how the example workflow worked. But I will try to better understand it and to use the info you gave here.

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