Is it possible to combine mulitple workflows

Is it possible to create something like a sub-workflow in Knime, where a node might point to another workflow that we can build/re-use in "parent" workflows?? I have seen meta node but its not like connecting to another separate workflow. I have a use case where a workflow have many nodes but logically we can separate them into multiple workflows and can run them individually. We are looking to finally combine them. Is it possible in knime?

The "Call Local/Remote Workflow" node is what you're after - but it's a commercial extension. Otherwise you might want to consider linking workflows by batch execution calls or similar approaches.



Can you help me locate the "Call local workflow" node? 

I can see "Call remote workflow" in the Workflows Control group but not the local one. I am using version 3.1.2. 

With regards to the Call remote workflow, does that need to have webportal enabled? We are running Knime ServerLite without the webportal and would like to know if call remote workflow can be used. 




Hi David,

the call local workflow node is part of the Personal Productivity Licence.

Could you check if you have those installed? They can be installed via the KNIME Store update Site.

Cheers, Iris