Is it possible to filter by POS Filter and then apply a Sentiment Analysis without enrichment?

Hi there, 

it is posible to to Textprocessing in the following steps: 

First use the POS Tagger to Tag the Terms and then filter e.g. by only adjectives and nouns. And the apply a sentiment analysis (dictionary tagger)? 

I tried to use the POS Tagger first and finally used POS Filter. When I now use the dictionary tagger (to apply the sentiment analysis) I have more documents due to the previous BOW...

When I apply the GroupBy node (groupBy: original Document) then the previous filter is erased, too.

Does someone have an advice or knows a trick to do so? 

Thanks for the help


Hi Jasmin,

yes, you can first tag, then filter and then tag again with the Dictionary Tagger. Do not create a bag of words in between. Apply the filtering node directly on the list of documents!

POS Tagger->POS Filtering->Dictionary Tagger.

Cheers, Kilian

Hi Kilian, 

thanks a lot - it totally works! Such an easy solution - I thought he BOW is obligatory..

Thank you :)