Is it possible to give read rights to a workflow only to specific members of a Team?

Hi all,

With members of Teams growing and growing, users are missing the functionality of setting permissions in their workflows, so that only the owner of the workflow is able to access it.

I understand we can create a Private Space within a Team, but this will give at least Read rights to all the members of that Team.

Is it possible to only give permissions to a Private Space to specific members of a Team?


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After some testing, it looks it is possible. BUT only the Team admins can choose who can access a Private Space space.
Is this correct?
And by default, when a private space is created, all Team members can read and edit. Is there a way to change this default?

Right now I don’t think the defaults can be changed. Would this be only a convenience feature for you, or is it something crucial? I think in the future we will extend triggers to also be able to be activated on things like space creations, which means you could then program any checks and defaults you like. I can’t say when this will be implemented, though.
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