Is it possible to have two different versions installed on the same pc?

Hi all.
I’m currently using 4.3.0 version of Knime Analytics Platform.
I would like to install 4.6.2 version, but to be sure that all the existing workflows will work fine in the new version I would like to install it separately from the 4.3.0 version.
Is it possible to have the two versions installed and coexistent?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @cristina_piussi,

i always use the zip Version.
There I already have like 4-5 different version on my pc :slight_smile:

If you use a different workspaces for each version, then they also cannot mess with each other :slight_smile:


Hi @cristina_piussi

Yes it is. But to do that you need to download the ZIP archive of the second version rather the installer. Then just extract it somewhere and run the knime.exe from there.

You can actually have both versions running at the same time too.


@AnotherFraudUser Snap! :wink:

and yes @cristina_piussi I agree better to have separate workspaces… then for testing a workflow it can be exported and then imported to the other version to keep from any chance of interference.


Thanks, I just tried now and it works.


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