Is it possible to pass the credentials from one node to another?


I have node A(with dialog components as user, password & host) which connects to an API and retrieves some results. Now I have a node B( Dialog components as From and To date) which takes the result table from A and again connects to the API and retrieves other results. Here I don’t want to create the Dialog of B again asking the user to enter the credentials.

I have already tried with workflow credentials and I need to again create dialog components for user, password, and host in node B to access the workflow credentials.

Is there any other way to pass credentials to the connected node(And only if this node is connected)

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Hi @Laharika,
I recommend you to take a look at using a credentials input widget, like the one used for example in the Credentials Input node, this way you can pass credentials via flow variable to the node as well as push them out to following nodes.

You can see the implementation here:


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