Is it possible to render a SMARTS column with the RDKit 2D depiction renderer?

Hi guys,
When I try to render a reaction SMARTS column (A.K.A. SMIRKS) using the RDKit 2D depiction renderer integrated in the KNIME table viewer or using the Renderer to Image node the following error is triggered:

2D depiction failed

Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to depict SMARTS using the RDKit 2D depiction?


Can you provide more information? Such as the actual SMARTS patterns that failed?

Hi @elsamuel,
Thanks for your answer. I’m correcting myself: the problem appears when I try to render SMARTS of chemical reactions (AKA SMIRKS) with the RDKit 2D depiction (I’ve updated the problem description above).
In the following example workflow you can see how the RDKit 2D depiction renderer fails with this type of SMARTS, while the Marvin renderer does not.
Do you have any idea why this happens?

rdkit_2d_renderer_problem.knwf (35.1 KB)

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