Is it possible to set the "use all data" from the rowfilter by a parameter?

I would like to use a boolean input node to (de)select the use_all_data checkbox from the row filter node. However, I cannot find a flow variable in this node that corresponds to the checkbox to the end of the table.

Could you please let me know which version of KNIME you are using and if possible provide a picture of the setting you want to change? I am looking at the RowFilter and the filter criteria tab to find the “use_all_data” checkbox.

I’m using KNIME nightly build 3.6.0.v201804252102

At this time you could use a workaround to set the “to the end of the table” checkbox by setting the RowRangeEnd flow variable in the RowFilter node. Use a flow variable and set to -1; use this to set the RowRangeEnd flow variable in the Row Filter. This will set the to “the end of the table” setting and by pass the settings.

I am including a simple workflow to demonstrate how this works.

Rowfilter_param.knwf (9.9 KB)

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Thanks that is a working workaround :wink:

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