Is it possible to show the number of data rows in workflow connection lines between nodes?

Hi guys,

Observing a workflow image (attached) of this blog article I notice that it shows the number of elaborated data rows upon the connection lines between the nodes. Is it possible to automatically display these numbers in the workflows or they were added a posteriori? I didn’t find the way to show this.

If this is not possible, I think if will be a useful new feature.

Thanks in advance for any comment/feedback.


Hi Gio,

the nice numbers you saw in the article were indeed part of the workflow - no photoshop involved :)
They're part of the KNIME Streaming Executor where they indicate the number of rows that have already been "flowing" through the respective node connections. (The arrow in the top right corner and the look of the individual nodes' progress bars are also part of streaming.)


Hi Marcel,

So there is much magic behind those nice numbers! Thank you very much to point me to KNIME Streaming Executor blog article. That's a nice lab feature, it's a pity that it is a bit hidden. I'll try to help spreading it.