Is it possible to update or auto-refresh options in quickform interactive view


I’m trying to set up a user interactive workflow in the Client but need to avoid the user having to open too many interactive views and do an onerous amount of clicking.
Consequently I want set up several quickforms with radiobuttons (or dropdowns) for the user to select from within 1 wrapped metanode. I want the javascript table view(s) to auto refresh to only show the remaining subsets after each selection made from the dropdown and subsequent dropdowns to also only offer the remaining options.
Is there a way to make these dropdowns and javascript tables auto refresh within one interactive view generated by a wrapped metanode in KNIME Client.

Many thanks for your help


Hello John,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the radiobuttons/dropdowns have to be re-executed in the view. The range slider filter definition can be used to directly trigger interactive filter events in views. In the new 4.0 release we will have an additional slider node to interactively filter nominal values. This will enable to create a view that refreshes and shows only the remaining subsets after a selection.
For now you can use a workaround: Use a GroupBy node to group your original table according to the nominal column of interest, make sure to “Enable highlighting” in the configuration. If you display the resulting values using a JavaScript table, the selection will be propagated to other JavaScript views/tables that operate on the original table.

Hope that helps for now,


Hello Jeany

I’ve tried several different permutations of this workaround but without any success so far. Can you provide more detail (or a small example) of how the GroupBy node is connected up in relation to the original table and the quickforms to get the selection to propagate to other JavaScript views and tables within the wrapped metanode?



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