Is Knime a good choice for simple data validation and cleansing?

Hi - i need a simple, no or low-code tool to chain together a long series of predefined data checks and corrections to a single Oracle data set.

The main priority is that the chain of actions is easy to configure, the workflow is transparent and reliable and the job can be easily run repeatedly. And I’d like a nice looking report at the end.

Would Knime be good for this?



Yes. KNIME is a good choice


@dbocquet welcome to the KNIME forum. KNIME is a great choice for ETL workflows with databases. Some of our finance guys especially like the fact that you can split your tasks into smaller steps that other people (like auditors) can then follow in details and the single nodes can have their own comments while working together in one logical flow that you can easily reproduce.

You can use the KNIME DB nodes for the low-code experience (but you will also be able to combine them with your own SQL code if you wish).

You might want to explore some examples. You can download KNIME and the examples on the hub for free and just try them for yourself

One additional thing you might like is the option to combine several nodes (steps) into one DB Transaction (that might succeed or fail as a whole and you might then be able to roll back - depending on your database):

If you explore the use of KNIME I would point you to this collection about “the case for KNIME” in general:

If you have further question you are welcome to ask them in the forum :slight_smile:

OK one more like to explore:


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