Is Knime suitable for data retrieving from websites like wiki pedia?

Hi everyone,
I have a project that I should report the statistics of about 15 users that create and edit article in our local media wiki. the articles are about 1000.
I want to know, is it possible to retrieve data for each user that how many article she or he create or edit during a particular period of time?

I am newbie to KNIME.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance

please somebody help me.
thank you

Hi @marziyajalali and welcome to the KNIME Forum.

First of all I have a question, is this local wiki also in another file type or is it only accessible through the browser?

In case you can only access these elements through the web page, you can try using Webpage Retriever (where you will enter the url) and the XPath node (where you can get the XML elements). As I am doing with Wikipedia in the following example.

As a result, the XPath query column in a different column.

So if Iā€™m not mistaken you can build a loop where you can read the whole list of articles and then read the author of each of them. There are probably other ways to do it, so you can take this as an idea.

Let me know if this helps you.

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First I would ask whether there is an API. This would alleviate things a lot.

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