Is the Copy/Move node faster for moving files compared to Transfer files?

I got a list of files that have to be moved to subfolder.
Transfer files can do this by copy&delete.

But this is slow relative to a normal drag&drop Move in windows explorer. + The Transfer files node changes metadata which is not preferable.

Is the deprecated Copy/move node faster in moving files
I’m open to any suggestions to get the best repetitive move function

Hi @dijkstran

I don’t know of a node that directly performs filesystem move operations. This should be possible though, I’ll check with the developers and either open a feature request or get back to you with how it is done properly :smiley:

For now I can only think of calling an external command prompt with the move command (will need some changes for the mv command if you’re using mac/linux).
move local files.knwf (11.3 KB)
This workflow uses the External Tool node; you will be prompted to install it.

Kind regards

Quick update, we are working on adding move support to the Transfer Files node.
But for now you are stuck with copying. So yes, using the legacy nodes is faster.
Here is an example workflow for the copy/move node.

A Move operation will always be MUCH faster than a Copy operation. While on the surface, Copy + Delete eventually gives you the same result as a Move, they’re definitely 2 completely different operations.

A Move operation does not physically move the file, but rather the system will just update the link to the file - that is of course if you are moving a file on the same device, while Copy will make an actual copy of the file physically on the drive.

If you are moving a file from a device onto a different device, then it’ll be as “slow” as Copy.


@marvin.kickuth Thanks for these fast responses! I will need some time to implement, and mark this as solution.

I’ll keep an eye out for that transfer file node update.

If a programming (“coding”) node is an option for you I would do it this way.

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