is the option "destDir" only for batch mode ?


When i use knime.exe with the option: KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION, 
the following option is used properly:
-destDir=... => directory where the executed workflow is saved to
                  if omitted the workflow is only saved in place

But, i use knime.exe with GUI executed from Windows Explorer,
the option (destDir) is NOT used properly.

IS this in the specifications?
This option(destDir) is designed for bach mode execution?


Yes, this is only for batch mode execution. If you execute the workflow via the Plattform, you can see the executed workflow and save it via Export KNIME Workflow to any folder.

Best regards, Iris

I have understood.

Thanks for helping.


I have understood.

Thanks for helping.


What will happen with option -destDir in batch mode?
I copy the command from this post

but there is nothing in the destDir directoy.


Hi lou,

This is the directory where you should find workflow result after it has executed. In general, it is a directory structure containing source files of your workflow (all those xml files and so) together with the data individual nodes produced. The value is that you can import all this stuff into KNIME Analytics Platform IDE to see what happened with your workflow so it can mainly help with investigation.

thanks,I use the option like you use

I thought in workflowDir is my workflow source file,the following capture photo is my workflowDir files

after run my workflow with command, In destDir there is nothing .so i can not import to KNIME IDE.