Is there a or- instruction for Row Filter?


I am Working whit Knime for a few days now at my new Firm. 

In one of our Workflows we use a "Nominal Value Row Filter" to sort out 2 Lines. 
The thing is that the lines I want to include are changing every month. 

One of the lines I want to exclude stays the them every time. the other always has the name of the current month in it.  

In the another node(also Nominal Value Row Filter) only the line the the current month is included.

The problem is that I have to change the Node every month to included the right lines. I dont want to do that.

If I put 12 Row Filter after each other and put 12 Row Filter aside of each other for the other node I get what I want, but there has to be a better solution.

Is it possible to use a or- instruction?

something like this:

Exclude rows by attribute value of:

Janurary*    OR         February*           etc.

Or is there a diffrent way?

You could use a Java snippet to get the current month and pass this into the row filter. As long as the date on the machine is correct it should work. 

You can also solve it using Recursive Looping and Flow Variables.

Check out the workflow 01108_recursive_replacement on the example server and I explained it during the 2014 UGM, here is a recording:


Good Idea

I did not use the Java Snippet node but the Time Generator node. Except form that I did 
it like you suggested. It works.

the only thing is that the program will fail if someone try´s to do other then last Month 
report. It will probable never happen, but you never know.

In generell a or-instruction would still be nice.

@Iris I will check this out too.


if want to use even more complicated queries e.g. fuzzy queries, range queries, etc. have a look at the Indexing and Searching feature in KNIME labs.