Is there a possiblity to inverse (=NOT) the boolean output of the Boolean Widget Node?


I want to switch between two different views in one component (data explorer as one view vs graphs as another view) to avoid “scrolling”.

My approach is to use the output of the “Boolean Widget” node, which “delivers” true and false (for the first view). This variable is then used as flow variable “hideInWizard” in the different widgets. As I want to switch between both “views”, I need a second boolean variable, which is just the inverse of the “original” output of the “Boolean Widget” (false and true).

Is there a possibility to create this negated variable?

Any hint is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Juergen , what an interesting request. Here’s how I did it:

I used Rule Engine.

Bear in mind that the resulting column (whether you replace or append) will become an Unknown type (hence the question mark symbol). If you want to turn it to a Boolean type again, use the Column Auto Cast Node followed by a String Manipulation node with the command ‘toBoolean(x)’.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @badger101,

Thank you very much for your great idea.

I will try your approach tomorrow……

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Dear @badger101 ,

your idea was really great and I have “translated” it into a small example. Obviously the Boolean Widget node is not the best to switch between views in a component, but as an example it is just fine “enough”.

So, here is a simple workflow
Switch View.knwf (16.8 KB) and a screenshot of the component

Once again thank you very much for your help @badger101

Best regards,


PS: One remark… the switch between the different views is not very responsive


Thanks for sharing the workflow @Juergen ! It caught my interest since I’ve never worked with those nodes before. I’ve saved it to my personal collection for my own interactive projects.

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