Is there a simple way to count functional groups?


I'm having a list of SMILES and I would like to receive columns which contain the numbers of each functional group for a molecule.


I've noticed that there is an RDKit Functional Group Filter Node which lists many functional groups. Since there is a node to filter by functional groups I assumed that there might also be one that counts and lists those functional groups.


Help is much appreciated!

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The SMARTS patterns for the functional groups are viewable if you press the 'i' button in the Functional Group filter node - the best you could do probably at the moment is to use those as the basis for a second input table for the RDKit Substructure Counter node, although I would assume that it wouldn't be a huge leap for the RDKit developers to create a counter rather than filter version of the FG node


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that helped me a lot already - thank you very much!

Also I'd really appreciate such a node for future...



The functional group definitions that the RDKit uses for the Functional Group Filter node happen to all be in github:

Thanks to the fact that KNIME's file reader node can read from a URL, you can use these directly in a workflow after a bit of post-processing.

The attached workflow does just that.

Since the RDKit repo has another set of functional groups (these were collected for a different purpose and are broader, but perhaps not as carefully defined):

I created a second metanode that reads those in and does the required post-processing. 

And, finally, since there is also a set of SMARTS for "Topliss descriptors":

I created a metanode for those as well.

Hopefully the general pattern I use here, as well as the workflow itself, is useful.




Hey greg,

thanks this workflow is very helpful!!