Is there a simple way to set the output filename for "Json Writer" node?

For instance, consider this workflow:

the “Json Writer” node outputs a file named “Row1.json” which is the name of row in the previous node (see previous image). So I guess that changing this “Row1” you’ll we able to change the output filename as well.

Or any other idea?

Thank you,

RogerXML_Reader.knwf (10.0 KB)books.xml (4.4 KB)

Hi there
unfortunately I don’t see a propper file name setting in the configuration…

a work around is tointegrate the filename into the extension settings
so you write FILNAME.json … the output is still including Row1 but looks like

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Hi Roger,

you can first use a Constant Value Column node to create a new column whose value is the filename you want. Next, use a RowID node to replace the row id with that string.



It works! Thanks!


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