Is there a way to set up an Execution Context so that it can only be used in certain spaces / by certain Team members?

Reason: if we want to have a set up with different Execution Contexts to separate between Test and Prod environments, how can we avoid that any user of the Team uses the Prod environment?

Example: we have a Team with 5 members. 2 of them are admins, 3 are members. We want the members to only user the Test Execution Context. After testing there, they can use for example the CDDS extension to deploy into the Prod Execution Context. However, to my knowledge, all members of the Teams are able to select all the Execution Contexts available for that Team (in this example, it means all 5 members can select either Test or Prod Context when deploying).

This means that from a user perspective: why would I use the Test Execution Context? If I know that the Prod Execution Context is available to me by default and has more resources?

Perhaps I am missing something but something like Execution Contexts specific to Spaces or Users would make sense, so that not everyone can deploy to Prod Execution Contexts.

I hope this is some meaningful feedback!

Hi @misterhd ,

We have a feature coming up that would allow just that: Control which team members have access to a specific execution context.

I can’t give you an ETA right now unfortunately. But if you’re a bit adventurous: The backend for this is already out there, you could configure this with a couple API calls. Feel free to DM me if you want to give this a try and need instructions :slight_smile: