Is there any way to reduce the number of CPU Cores required for the Business Hub?

Hello everyone

We are using KNIME Server in the AWS EC2 Server which has 8 CPU Cores.
The KNIME Server is working well , but because the support of KNIME Server will be ended next year, we have to think about changing to KNIME Business Hub or another software.

In the Business Hub’s document, the Hardware prerequisites of KNIME Business Hub will need more than 16 CPU Cores, and the partner and reseller of KNIME in our country said KNIME Business Hub needs more than 20 CPU Cores.

With more than 20 CPU Cores, The KNIME Business Hub’s AWS EC2 instance will cost about 4 times as much as the current KNIME Server’s AWS EC2 instance.
The cost of EC2 instance shocks us a lot.

Is there any way to reduce the number of CPU Cores required for the Business Hub?
KNIME Business Hub can not be installed in the current server with 8 CPU Cores?

Thanks in advance


Hello Ryu,

thank you for your message!

A Single Node installation for KNIME Business Hub requires a minimum of 16 vCores.
You can find our complete Hardware Requirements here.

We are aware of the feedback. There is an open item on our side to optimize and lower the hardware requirements for KNIME Business Hub.

This task is not finished yet but is actively worked on this sprint. We will update our documentation accordingly when this changes.

We remain available for further questions.

Best regards,


Hello Alex

thanks for your prompt response.
So we will wait for this change.

It seems only 4 CPU Cores needed by the info shown in the KNIME Business Hub installation

Best regards,

Hi Ryu,

The message in your screenshot is a bit misleading unfortunately, since it relates to a host-preflight check, not to the actual hub install. We’ll try to improve that part, the 16 vCore requirement is (as of right now) still valid.



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