Issue about Excel Reader node

Hi Guys,

I try to create workflow by KNIME with List File in folder and Loop to Start >> Excel reader but this version is shown as below picture. Excel reader cannot support file *.xls version 97 and cannot read variable from pre-node.

How to I fix it or I will waiting developer to fix ?

Thank you for your reply.

Hi @kritsapatw,

xls files are in general supported by the Excel Reader. Are you able to open the file with Excel? Is it corrupted in any way? If not, can you share a file with use to reproduce the issue. You could remove confidential data first.


@kritsapatw if the ‘regular’ reader would not work there are several other methods to import Excel files.

One is to use an R package

or Python:

Hi Simon,

This Excel file can open by excel but it is shown message as below

I think system export as excel file but it’s not compatibility excel
I posted link download file for test develop debug

and I try use node Read excel sheet , It is not show any sheet data.

This below, I used node Excel Reader by file directly.

Hi Simon,

I am very sorry about this issue. I crack file in notepad. I think source develop create data to HTML and insert data into schema and save to xls but not trust from microsoft certificate.

So I ithnk this issue is not problem from KNIME. Many Thanks.


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