Issue connecting to KNIME Server


I received the credentials for KNIME test server space and trying to connect to the server by creating a new mountpoint.

Issue: I dont see the Server login credentials fields as mentioned in the training video. I have attached both the training video logon screen and my logon screen. Thanks in advance for you help.


My logon:


The training video at the time may have been on a slightly different version, with different screens; so I wouldn’t worry too much about that at this time.

On the second screenshot, though, the server address may require http://<address>:<port>/knime to be able to contact the REST API correctly. So try http://<serveripaddress>:8080/knime and see if that works. As soon as you click out of ‘server address’ field it should be in contact with the server via REST and automatically pull the Mount ID, and populate that field for you.

After you get the server space created in your list, if you double click to connect it should request user/pass info at that time.


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