Issue in Binary Classification Inspector

Previously in my table’s column was 3 options. I filtered out one option, so retain only two options and feed Binary Classification Inspector. But node shows error during configuration: “Please select a column with two possible values”. But after Row Filter there only two possible values. I include the table to my post.
TEST_DATA.xls (26 KB)
KNIME_project.knwf (10.8 KB)

Hi there @AlexVilnius,

I have check you data and your workflow. First, your Rule-based Row Filter creates empty table cause you have “TRUE” and “FALSE” in your condition and in your column you have “true” and “false” values so it won’t match.

After that you should use Domain calculator node as domain for DROPOUT column is not refreshed after filtering.

Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot, it solves the problem.

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