Issue in installing Palladian nodes from the nodepit

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When Users are trying to download the Palladian nodes from the below URL’s they are unable to download and facing below mentioned error.

  1. We requested the user to install the new version of KNIME Client 4.1.4 which didn’t helped to solve the issue.
  2. As we observed the Exceptions and SunCertPathBuilderException we suggested them to update the Java version in their local system.
    But the user mentioned it didn’t helped to resolve the issue.

the exception is PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Hi Subramanyan,

  • Something with the URLs you posted is very weird! – notice that the href points to

  • v4.1.4 is not really new – have you tried the most recent KNIME version v4.2.3?

  • In regards to my initial question: Are you behind a proxy, firewall or using other “security” tools which prevent proper access to the update site? The update site uses standard SSL certificates which any JVM nowadays (and even KNIME’s archaic version) should be able to handle.


Hi Philip,

we have tried in the recent version of KNIME client as well but facing the same issue.
and that too only for this URL’s.
Please suggest me a solution to resolve the issue.


I’d suggest to check with your network administrators about point (3). To rule out any issues in that regard, try e.g. installing within a different network and see if this solves the problem.


Hi @Subramanyam,

I remember this error from days when KNIME used an even more archaic version of the JVM. AFAIR, I haven’t seen this for a long time. As @qqilihq suggested, please check with your network administrator regarding proxy and content filters.

In the meantime, you (and your user) can download a zipped version of the Palladian update site here:

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@Subramanyam Did it work?


No Philipp…it didnt worked

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