Issue in reading Data in Mongodb reader

Hi!! Knime Experts, Hope you are doing well.

I am facing issue related to data reading…
I have use node MongoDB Reader to get data from MongoDB server/compass…
There is data in MongoDB Server,but while i am importing it into knime using MongoDB Reader node its showing as empty.

For, example I am importing table name “T001W” from MongoDB server which has 3 columns and 406 rows, but when i am importing same table in Knime using MongoDB Reader there its showing empty…

Please guide on same.
Thanks in advance.!!

Can you share the nodes settings (make sure to hide connection info), i.e. collection, query, projection and sorting? As a reference it would be helpful to also see the query parameters you used with Compass.

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Thanks for reply…

Whether this much will work…

query : {“NAME1” : {$exists: true, $ne: “”}}

Looks like a valid query to me. Can you enter the same query into compass to see whether it provides a result set? Otherwise I’d assume that none of the objects stored in your DB fulfills the requirements, i.e. does not have a field called NAME1 or it has an empty string as value.

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Thanks for answer…

Field name NAME1 is there. I will check your suggestion in MongoDB Compass.

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