Issue Keras Network learner (python 2 kernel error ?!)

Hi guys,
I just came across a weird issue with the Keras Network Learner node, within a workflow that works fine on another machine. I guess it has something to do with the python installation or configuration.

Here is the error message

ERROR Keras Network Learner 0:270      Execute failed: org.knime.python2.kernel.PythonOutputListener.setSilenced(Z)V

What’s puzzling is that it seems to be related to python 2, but the python environment for deep-learning
is python 3. I even let KNIME create the environment.

Here are the details of my installation

Hi @l.thomas,

python2 in this case does not refer to Python’s major version 2 but to KNIME’s internal version of the Python integration that is used by the Keras integration under the hood (which is the successor to this old (deprecated) plug-in, hence the 2). In the context of Python, this name is of course a bit unfortunate (but it follows KNIME’s internal naming scheme).

So there is nothing wrong with the (real) Python version you are using. Instead, I believe something must have gone wrong when updating either the KNIME Keras integration or the KNIME Python integration. Could you try to uninstall both and re-install them?



Hi @l.thomas
are both machines useing an identical installation of Conda and Python (4.8.3/3.6.10)?


Hi both,
thanks for the quick reply, reinstalling the deep-learning extension and python integration indeed fixed the issue mysteriously :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your question @sven-abx the machine where it was initially not working is indeed set up with the mentioned conda and python versions (4.8.3/3.6.10)


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