Issue when deploying custom node on a client Knime application


I’ve created a new node, following this guide Create a New KNIME Extension: Quickstart Guide

but when I try to deploy it on a client Knime Analytics Platform (using the update site method), I get the following error:

ERROR RepositoryManager Node ‘’ from plugin ‘’ could not be created. The corresponding plugin bundle could not be activated!

How can I have more information about the issue or what should I check in the plugin, feature definitions?


Didier B

Hi @didierbastogne,

This is likely a problem with the packaging of your plugin, check the created jar files, if they contain your classes, if not take a look at the file to see if you miss configured something there.
I assume the nodes worked when launching from Eclipse ?
I recommend you activate the debug log, and then take a look at the KNIME Log (View → Open KNIME Log)


Look out for messages related to your plugin.


I finally found what was the issue, the compiler used to compile the package was incorrect I had to use jdk 1.8 since we’re still using knime 4.2

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