issue while concatenating two files

Hi Team,

While concatenating two files we are getting empty lines in combined file.

Current result:

Expected result

Attaching the workflow.
SDO P file generation V4.knwf (144.6 KB)

Please let me know for further information

Subramanyam Kinthada.

@Subramanyam maybe you want to check if you have empty rows and remove them? For example with this node:


Hi @Subramanyam -

You either need to upload your workflow in an executed state, or upload some input data for us to work with - otherwise we can’t see what’s going on in the workflow itself.

If I had to guess, the first place I’d look is for line feed characters in your raw data, similar to the other thread you posted.


Hi @mlauber71 and @ScottF,

Please find the attached input files for the workflow.
pod.txt (176 Bytes)
poh.txt (273 Bytes)

let us know if you require additional information.

subramanyam Kinthada

@Subramanyam when I set up your workflow and run it with the two files I see no empty lines in the result

I introduced the node I had suggested earlier so you could give it a try.

One other thing I noted: in this case two files will be processed and concatenated. Is there a procedure for when there are several pairs of files in the folder. Will they all be concatenated at once?

kn_forum_46374_concatenate_two_files.knwf (150.4 KB)


Hi @mlauber71,

currently there is only one line which has to be concatenated as per the given PDF files.
But there are input files which has multiple lines. for that we need to change the workflow as well.

I will try the above attached workflow. Thanks a lot for your support.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

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