Issue with Amazon S3 Connector - Error: Expected an '=' sign defining a property on line 7

Hello KNIME community :slight_smile:

I’m currently facing an issue while trying to run the Amazon S3 Connector in KNIME, and I’m hoping someone here can provide some guidance.

Here’s the error message I’m encountering:

ERROR Amazon S3 Connector 3:342:1831 Execute failed: Expected an '=' sign defining a property on line 7.

I’m puzzled about what could be causing this error, particularly the mention of an ‘=’ sign on line 7. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with the Amazon S3 Connector, and if so, what was the root cause? I’ve checked my configuration, but I can’t seem to identify the problem.

Any insights or suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

PS my Knime version is 5.1.1

Hi @avitaminoz,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! From googling the message, it seems like it is a problem with the credentials file. Are you using one, or do you specify the credentials directly in the node config?
Kind regards,

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Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn !

Yes, you’re right!!
I just removed the file since I no longer need it, and the issue is solved :slight_smile:
Thank you!


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