Issue with Excel Reader (Reading sheets as flow variable)


I seem to have an issue with the Excel Reader.

I have multiple sheets in an Excel Workbook, which I am passing through in a loop as a flow variable.

When I happen to set the sheet name flow variable, the Excel Reader only reads the first sheet name. I also tried to use the index value as well, in which I generated index values before passing them through a loop, and still, the Excel Reader only reads the first sheet, regardless of what flow variables you set for it.

Any workaround for this?

Hello @denzilsdn,

try option “Select sheet with name” :wink:



@denzilsdn it could be this problem mentioned here:

The workaround is to explicitly set the use of names with a flow variable like in the example.

Maybe @laaaarsi can weight in if there is any progress on the internal ticket AP-18133.

Hi Ivan.

Thank you.

This seems to work.


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