Excel Reader ignores flow variable for sheet!?


for a productive workflow I tried to replace deprecated nodes and ran into errors. I made some tests and found out that the reason seems to be the Excel Reader in combination with flow variables.
I created a sample workflow based on one of the examples to discuss and clarify here:

05_Read_all_sheets_from_an_XLS_file_in_a_loop.knwf (30.3 KB)

I was unable to integrate my source excel file into workflow, therefore I upload it separately:

Mappe2.xlsx (10.2 KB)

In the results you see that the newer workflow read the first sheet 3 times instead of the 3 sheets.

Thanks for checking and support!


In the configuration for the Excel Reader node, you have told the node to “Select the first sheet with data.”


This should be switched to “Select sheet with name.”


Hi elsamuel,

thanks. Now it works.
But it seems to be a (significant) difference to the deprecated Excel Reader I used before.


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