Issue with Execution Date value in Date&Time input (and configuration) node

Hi! I’m currently facing an issue in Date&Time input node within a metanode. Since two days ago when I execute the entire workflow it seems this particular node is not updated when I run the process, resulting in a missing date calculation for one day, as I put the node to run the value based on execution date. The issue happens in Date&Time configuration node too.

I ran the workflow today, October 9, VET zone, and the date visible in output (after checking in Constant Value Column node) is yesterday, not today.

In order to update this date, I have to manually execute this node so that the change is applied.

I’m still in the early steps learning about Knime and I have found it to be an useful and great tool. Hope you can help me. Regards.


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Take a look if

can resolve reset issue for you.


Thank you so much, it worked perfectly :+1:


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