Issue with global database Credentials

Hi Folks,
I have to change my password every 6 months and I go through the pain of manually changing the password for different workflows that I run. To have a centralised username and password ( user credentials) would help by not manually changing the password for each workflow - which i might forget and suddenly stops working and I wonder why until I figure that the password needs updated.

I have gone through Save Global Database Credentials in KNIME desktop and set up a global credential that I could pull for different connections from different work flows

AS it can be seen even though I have created a shared link and connected to DB connector, the credentials authentication is hashed grey so I cannot use the shared link.

Could anybody help with this?


Hi @pio , I’m making a couple of assumptions, so I may be off with this answer.

Assumption #1 is that the DB Connector cannot “see” any credentials flow-variables, and so disables the Credentials option.

Assumption #2 is that the reason for #1 is that the Component Output has not been configured to allow the Credentials Variable to “escape” from the component:

If that’s the case, you’ll need to disconnect the component, open it and configure the Component Output node. After that, the variable should be visible to the DB Connector.

If all working, you can then re-share your component.

I had a quick read of the link you posted, and I believe the above step is missing, so this is almost certainly your problem.

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Hi @takbb.
Thanks. You were right. I forgot to include the output variable to be visible outside the component and was not included in the step

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Great @pio, glad it worked.

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