Issue with JSON Path Node in Data Collection

Hello Team,

I am currently facing an issue with the JSON Path Node while processing a JSON file containing details of 50 users. I have successfully created the required columns from the JSON data using the JSON Path Node.

However, I have encountered a problem where certain columns should have null/empty values. Unfortunately, the JSON Path Node does not produce empty/blank values for these columns. Instead, it takes the next value and assigns it to the empty value. As a result, my total data collection has gone awry, and at end generating empty records.

I wanted to check if anyone else on the team has faced similar issues or if I might have missed enabling a specific option in the JSON Path Node.

Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @kotlapullareddy

This is normally solvable by doing the extraction in multiple seperate steps. I would assume that you now directly query each parameter of the 50 users.

Instead, try to first query the 50 rows containing all the parameters as Node (multiple rows) in the JSONPath. Then each JSON for a specific user, containing the different number of filled in parameters, can be processed with a second JSON Path node.

Providing an anonymized example with two users (one that has all parameters filled in and one which has null values) would go a long way here :wink:


Thanks @ArjenEX for quick info.