Issue with KNIME extensions install - ver 5.1

Hi ,

I am new to KNIME and have downloaded the zip files and added to the Available Sites. However, after adding the local archive still I do not see the KNIME JavaScript Views (Labs) set of extensions in the Node explorer.
This is due to company IT policy restricting access to sites and followed the steps as per the advise given on similar topics.
Could you please advise what else is required? Specifically, i am interested in the JavaScript (Labs) and Data Explorer nodes.


Hi @arunn999 , I believe those nodes are both in the KNIME Labs Extensions

and from experimenting with turning on and off the different update sites on my 5.1 installation, I believe that is in the

KNIME Partner Update Site zip archive that is found at the following location
for 5.1:

or for 5.2 at

Once you have that configured in your available software sites as local archives, and enabled you should be able to install those extensions.

The heading of your post was “ver 5.1” but you showed a link for " KNIME Partner Update Site 5.2" so perhaps you just had the wrong version?

And btw I sympathise with you on the “IT policy”. Such policies “paved with good intentions” actually waste so much of our time and achieve nothing.

i.e. “we won’t let you download it, so you’ll have to find another way to download it and then you can use it anyway”. Crazy eh? I was about to go full rant, but decided this was not the time or place :rofl:

Good luck with the installations. Let us know if it works. :wink:

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Hi @takbb

Many thanks for the pointers. Yes, i was in version 5.1.
However, I had badly missed the Install Extension step.
The KNIME Partner Update Site zip archive did not have the KNIME Labs extension.
I went ahead and installed the and in the process got upgraded to 5.2.
I got more than what I asked for!


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