Issue with retrieving properties via REST API

Hello dear community and developers,

We, in our working group, are using a KNIME Server and the REST API. With a growing repository we are trying to get a better overview about the settings of each workflow group, workflow and others.

To do so, I’ve built a workflow to get the properties of workflows using the REST API of the KNIME Server. For example we are using this GET request: […]/rest/v4/repository/test_rights/test1:properties?name=com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.requirements

But now I have the problem. The result of this GET request is not shown because it is not in a JSON format but in just a text/html format. But the node is just not able to show it in another format than JSON. To clarify this issue I’ve created the following example:

I start two GET requests on two different workflows.
Workflow 1: test1 - It has no executor.requirement properties
Workflow 2: test2 - The property value is “other”

The result of this two GET requests can be seen in the following graphic:

As you can see in Row2 in the Column “content-length” that the result of this GET request has a value of a length of 5 and even if I start the GET request in my browser or by using Postman
I get the following result of “other”:

I think the problem is inside the Node “GET Request” because it shows the result only in a JSON format. The other problem could be that the response of the get request is not formatted like a JSON. If it looks like this…:
… then the Node can show the result properly.

It would be great, if someone can look over this issue.


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Hello @Feltor,

does Extract Missing Value Cause node give you any value? See here: REST Nodes - Empty body and status != 200



Hi @Feltor,

I’m afraid this is an open bug (internal reference SRV-3573): the return type header is application/json, but the returned body isn’t a JSON. This trips the GET Request node.

I’ve tried Ivan’s suggestion and for the properties “thisisaresttest,anothertest” I got this error message:

So, with some post-processing this could suffice as a workaround in some cases.

Kind regards


Hi @ipazin and @marvin.kickuth,

thank you for your reply. As you said, this is a workaround for only some cases. In fact, if there are more than one values for the property, it seems it is only possible to retrieve the first value.


Hi Torben,

yeah I guess that is the case. This approach may also fail on other characters.
I would try to outsource the task to the command line tool curl, but that also is far from elegant and OS specific…
I’ll see if I can get a status update for the bug and keep you posted here.

Kind regards


Hi Torben @Feltor,

I’m happy to say that we were able to squeeze a fix into the server release that went online today (4.13.3, KNIME Product Downloads 2021-06 | KNIME).
If it is an option to update at some point in time, this should resolve your issue (the REST endpoint now answers with the content-type header “text/plain”).

Kind regards


Alright, thank you @marvin.kickuth,

We will update soon and then I will test it. Thanks a lot for your assistance.


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