Issue with Send to Power BI Node Dates

Hi, I am using the Send to Power BI node to send a dataset and almost everything is working great. The only issue I am having is that I can’t get Power BI to recognize date columns as date columns. I have ensured they are in Local Date/Datetime columns and tried sending them in different text formats, but neither thing works.

How do I get Power BI to see the date/datetime columns I am sending as such? The Power BI dataset API says it supports datetime columns as does the Knime node, but there seems to be a disconnect.

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Hi @greyspacealien and welcome to the KNIME forum,

Try using legacy date&time. You can use Date&Time to legacy Date&Time for the conversion.


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Thanks for the suggestion, I gave it a try and still had no success. Sample workflow is attached. I have tried several different combinations of date/datetime/legacy, and none are uploading in a usable way.

Test_PowerBI_Date_Upload.knwf (10.1 KB)
PowerBI Snapshot|262x463

When I send the table to PowerBI, all columns get imported with the same type as their type in KNIME. Both Date/Date&Time and legacy types.
Would you please explain your issue further?


Hi @armingrudd, the issue is that while the date data is sent to PowerBI, the data type in PowerBI appears to be a string and as a result I am unable to access date/time hierarchies, etc.

Here is an image illustrating what I am getting using the Send to Power BI node on the left vs what I would expect to see on the right. If you run the example I provided above, do dates load as date data types? If you have a working sample that I could try, that might be helpful as well.

Thanks for taking the time to help!

PowerBI Snapshot (1)

This happens when you use live connection in Power BI like when you use Power BI datasets or when you connect to SSAS. You don’t have the same features in this mode.

As a workaround, you can use Extract Date&Time Fields to create subfields like year, month, week, etc. and use it in Power BI. This is what Power BI does as well when you upload a dataset to your workspace.



Thanks @armingrudd, I thought (mistakenly) that the date limitations only applied to streaming datasets, but it appears to also apply to pushed data sets.


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