Issue with XLS writer nodes in 2.11.1

Has anyone else noticed an issue with the xls writer nodes in 2.11.1? I can't seem to open the configuration dialog on these nodes (both writer and appender - haven't tried the input nodes). Thanks. Jon

I haven't seen this problem before. Can you please confirm: are you using any special hardware, what is your software configuration?

Hi Gabriel:

I have a hunch it may be related to the Java release 8_31 that I installed around the same time I upgraded to KNIME 2.11.1. That's the environment where the xls node configuration dialogs were not appearing. The new Java was causing issues with some of my other software so I uninstalled it and reverted back to Java 8_25. After doing this the xls nodes were again working fine.

I can't verify for sure if this was the cause of the issue. if I get a chance I can unpgrade Java again and see if the nodes break. Until then it's just a hunch.