Issues with Color Manager / Sunburst Chart

After the declaration of different columns through the color manager für the sunburst chart only the last declarated column has color and the rest ist black.

This workaround doesnt work. After unpivoting he doenst recognize the data in the column for a reason i dont know.

Is there any way to define the color of several columns or any other workaround or solution for the problem above.

Thanks for any advice , i am a noobie to knime and it is a cool tool.

Greetings M

( I am aware that this problem was severel times reported but i coulnd find an exact fix …)

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I’m not sure I understand the problem, for me I’m getting various colors.

Could you tell me what computer you are trying this on and what output you are getting vs expecting? Thanks


Hey Victor ,
thanks for your reply !

Now i can break down my problem to the regocnition of the data for the color manager:
"WARN Color Manager Column “ColumnValues” has no nominal values set: execute predecessor or add Binner."

After unpivoting the color manager doesnt show the data in the column i want and gives the warning above. Here is an example from the column:

WhatSchool; SchoolName; SchoolLocation //there are no variables , here they are just placeholders

If i replace the SchoolName with “Anon” , then the color manager regocnizes the data and i can normally declare each color. But in the schoolnames are no numbers or something like that. For now i cant handle the warning shown above.

Sorry for the difficult explanation and thanks for the help !
The exact data fall under the data protection law, so i cant show them.

Greetings M

I found the solution for “WARN Color Manager Column “ColumnValues” has no nominal values set: execute predecessor or add Binner.” via a workaround shown below:

Now i have to declare the color of every single row manually and i wonder , if there is any way to do this via code with variables ?

You shouldn’t have to declare the color for every single row but you will need to specify a color scheme for each category which is automated. If you want to specific colors for each category then you will need to do that manually of course. Does that make sense?

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