Issues with DB Connector node

We have a workflow that is intended to read connection information to multiple databases from a single configuration database and then loop through the connections to perform a set of actions. This workflow works fine with the use of legacy dtbase reader component. However it runs into multiple issues with the new Db connector node.

When trying to set the Database Type or password from flow variable exactly as specified. It runs into the following error message

The following is the view to the core loop being used for this setting

The following is the settings view after variables have been assigned

Please see attached zip file for details:KNIME DB (372.7 KB)

Hi there @jvthomas21,

new DB Connectors no longer support plain text passwords. See here for more info and a workaround.

Regarding the Database Type probably it is just wrong value (case sensitive!). To check this add some name (dbtype for example) into the white area next to db_type flow variable while not assigning any flow variable to it. After successful execution there will be a flow variable with above name and real value for database type.


Hope this helps.



Thank you Ivan, going to try these recommendations and will get back.

Thank you for the assistance. Would not have figured this out without this thread. I was able to reconfigure the items using a credential node and also use your suggestion to take a look at the db type settings and now have got the workflow to work. Thank you for the help!


Hi there @jvthomas21,

glad to hear that :slight_smile:


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