Issues with List Files/Folder Node on OneDrive

Recently upgraded to KNIME 4.3.0. I have been encountering problems with files on OneDrive (see post history). The last bug is outlined below:

When I first add files to a folder on OneDrive, I configure and execute the List Files/Folder node normally and without issue. In the screenshot below, you can see that the node finds 8 files as the OneDrive sync is pending (Forgive the redactions in the path - I assure the path itself is not the issue.)

After some time, but not necessarily when the OneDrive sync status is complete, the List Files/Folder node will fail to locate the files. See the screenshot below. The error is No files matched the filters, but I have no filters set (and I still get the error even if I do set file extension filters etc). Nothing has changed from the first screenshot except time and a node reset.

One possibly important note: my workspace is also located on my OneDrive. Maybe there is an issue with the KNIMELOCK file (?) I am just speculating, though.

EDIT: I switched to my local workspace (aka non-OneDrive) and I still get the No files matched the filters error for the specified path.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @scapuzzi
Good day to you.
I am also found the problem with this type.

I got the solution with:
In filter options => Tick File extension(s) => enter .xlsx (because my folder are MS excel)

In my case, it is due to KNIME META file and I got the solution as above.


Thanks, Charm. However, using the filter options did not work for me. Please see below.

Thanks again for taking a look!

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Hi @scapuzzi
How about CSV Reader instead of list Files/Folders.

CSV Reader => Local file system => File in folder => Filter => .csv

But, list file and csv reader are not the same functions. Sorry for my suggestion if not useful.


Hi Charm:

I still get an error, but this is a useful feature that did not know about previously so thank you for bringing my attention to it!

Side note: I have had additional issues with the CSV reader and OneDrive files documented in other posts.


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