issues with new Call Workflow(table based)

Hi All,

i think i’m missing something, i used to use call workflow(Table Based) to call and retrieve data from a table in another workflow (and i don’t have to send back any data). and the node allowed me to configure and run it without a need to provide data to it’s input port.

now after a recent update in December 2022, the old node got depreciated and the new one will not allow me to run it without the input port is connected to data.

also is there an easier way to call tables from another workflows ?

You could provide a “dummy” table

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Exact! For example, using the table creator node.

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Thanks all, i’ve made a dummy simulation of the case i have.

assume i have workflow group “Test” and inside it i have “Project 1” workflow and “project 2” workflow.

Project one output is connected to “Container output (Table)” node to be able to utilize the data from Project 1 in project 2.

in Project 2 i use “Call WorkFlow(Table based)” to call data from project 1
the old deprecated node allowed me to do this without connecting any node before it.
however the new one will not allow me to run or configure it unless i connect a node before it.
i did what Ricardo proposed and it worked (Thanks Ricardo)

i have attached an example knime project
Test.knar (22.0 KB)

my use case is i have a huge workflow and i’m refactoring it and dividing it into components (workflows).

and i might need to read output from many nodes in the same workflow and use them in different workflows like the example below, so not sure if i’m doing the right thing by using the container output and call workflow nodes or there are easier ways ? and am i using them correctly ?

As long as you only use it in the same workflow the component / metanode can “shrink” better say hide huge parts of your workflow.
If you need the output in other workflows you either call them or write the output to a (shared) folder and read the data in the other workflows from there

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